Morning Ritual — 6.2.22

Lance Curran
Jun 2, 2022

Do you have the balls to try this?
This is a story about America placing a greater value on being able to buy machines designed to kill really fast than we do on the lives of our children. Don’t lose the plot.
Everything Is Terrible, but I’m Fine.
Sometimes commerce can save one from oneself.
It all seems just so daunting, so unutterably overwhelming. It’s tempting to succumb to the narcissism of paralysis, panic and despair.
If we look at a thing, it becomes part of us, no matter what.
Objects may illuminate us, but infrastructures concentrate power and in so doing standardize how we fuck with the world.
Words don’t stop a virus or a bullet.
But that’s what happens. Once the human tragedy has been completed, it gets turned over to the journalists to banalize into entertainment.



Lance Curran

What was, once, yourself, was now presented as an unreachable but irresistibly alluring image of what, in this best of all possible worlds, you could be.