Best Music of September

Lance Curran
3 min readSep 30, 2020

Some months go by fast and then there’s September 2020. I feel like the month just started. Fall is my favorite time and usually it’s also when some of the best songs start releasing. I also went on a Talking Heads binge and listend to all of their albums. All of them are good. Check out new tracks I discovered and some of my old favorites below!

Best New Albums:

Sufjan Stevens — “The Ascension

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down — “Temple

Coriky — “Coriky

Jockstrap — “Wicked City

Best New Singles:

Mort Garson — “Dragonfly

Gorillaz, Robert Smith — “Strange Timez

Arlo Parks — “Hurt

Atmosphere — “Blotter Acid Reflux Syndrome

snake eyes — “skeletons

Best Covers this Month:

Tropical Fuck Storm (Talking Heads Cover)— “Heaven

Billie Joe Armstrong (Kim Wilde Cover) — “Kids in America

Califone (Elliott Smith Cover) — “Needle in the Hay

Listen to my September Playlist here — September

2020 Tracks:

Lo Tom — “Start Payin”

Sneaks — “Faith”

Sweeping Promises — “Hunger for a Way Out”

Jockstrap — “City Hell”

The Muslims — “Sura Sura”

Kairos Creature Club — “Voodoo Success”

Johnny Thunders, Pat Collier — “I Only Wrote This Song For You (Pat Collier Remix)”

Mort Garson — “Dragonfly”

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down — “Phenom”

Laura Veirs — “Turquoise Walls”

Gorillaz, Robert Smith — “Strange Timez”

Marilyn Manson — “DON’T CHASE THE DEAD

Tropical Fuck Storm — “Heaven”

Hammered Satin — “Avalanche”

Adrianne Lenker — “anything”

Arlo Parks — “Hurt”

Ela Minus — “el cielo no es de nadie”

Kelly Lee Owens — “Jeanette”

Billy Nomates — “Supermarket Sweep”

Leikeli47 — “Zoom”

Asaf Avidan — “Anagnorisis”

Cassidy King — “Safe Places”

PUP — “Rot”

Billie Joe Armstrong — “Kids in America”

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard — “Straws In The Wind”


Sufjan Stevens — “Sugar”
Sufjan Stevens — “Die Happy”

Automatic, Panther Modern — “Suicide in Texas”

Nothing — “Say Less”

Small Bills, E L U C I D, The Lasso — “Safehouse”

Annie — “The Streets Where I Belong”

Just A Gent — “ELEMENT 13”

Elderbrook— “Numb”

Psychic Temple, The Dream Syndicate — “Then Again”

Thor & Friends — “Dies in Paris (feat. Bill Callahan)”

The Music Machine — “The People In Me”

Lynks — “How to Be Successful”

Black Honey — “Run For Cover”

A Certain Ratio — “Yo Yo Gi”

upsammy — “It Drips”

Tallisker, Quay Dash — “Azadi”

Sweet Reaper — “Sidewalk Psycho”

Executioner’s Mask — “No Funeral”

Eyesore & the Jinx — “Dinner, in the Exile Parlour”

Melted Bodies — “99 Scents”

Charles Albright — “I Live in a Shitty Apartment and Y.M.I (So Alone)

Coriky — “Clean Kill”

Bad Moves — “Party With the Kids Who Wanna Part With You”

Metz — “Blind Youth Industrial Park”

Kevin Morby — “Wander”

Kurt Vile, John Prine — “How Lucky”

Sia — “Courage to Change”

Atmosphere — “Blotter Acid Reflux Syndrome”

The Foxies — “Demolition”

Royal Blood — “Trouble’s Coming”


Califone — “Needle in the Hay”

The Mountain Goats — “As Many Candles As Possible”

The Cool Greenhouse — “Alexa!”

Karkara — “Falling Gods”

Puscifer — “The Underwhelming”

Surfbort — “Silly D”

Bark Bark Disco, JOON — “Another Play”

Black Foxxes — “Drug Holiday”

Ashnikko — “Daisy”

Nothing But Thieves — “Unperson”

snake eyes — “skeletons”

2010’s Tracks:

Sarin — “Images In Your Mind”

Body Pressure — “Body Pressure”

DILLY DALLY — “Marijuana”

Quay Dash, Sega Bodega — “U.A.F.W.M.”

Aye Nako — “Particle Mace”

Chain Whip — “Turner Street Ghost Motel”

Jabber — “Maybe Next Year”

Deerhoof — “Life is Suffering”

The Residents — “Voodoo Doll”

Guy Garvey — “Courting The Squall”

2000’s Tracks:

The Weakerthans — “Sun in an Empty Room”

No Hope For The Kids — “Rainy Day”

Elbow — “Any Day Now”

1990’s Tracks:

AFI — “Brownie Bottom Sundae”

Turbonegro — “Get It On”

The Halo Benders — “Don’t Touch My Bikini”

Ride — “Vapour Trail”

Blake Babies — “Out There”

1980’s Tracks:

Pixies — “Hey”

Talking Heads — “The Lady Don’t Mind”

1970’s Tracks:

Buzzcocks — “Fiction Romance”

Pink Floyd — “Eclipse”

Nick Lowe — “36 Inches High”

Talking Heads — “Thank You for Sending Me an Angel”

Talking Heads — “Memories Can’t Wait”

The Damned — “Love Song”

1960’s Tracks:

Dee Dee Sharp — “Mashed Potato Time”



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